DNX Robotics is now DNX Industries
Mar 10, 2022 ⬩ DNX Industries HQ

In preparation for our first public release we have made the decision to change our name from DNX Robotics to DNX Industries. In marking this new change we hope to better reflect the work that we do and the breadth of the challenges that we face. In doing so, we have acquired our new domain name, dnxi.org, to better show our organizational structure of projects and spin-off initiatives that will soon be relevant.

This website has been scant of information for the past several years and while this has placed us in an advantageous position to serve our partners, and ourselves well, we have made the decision to become a more public-facing organization and will be updating this website with more information as they become available.

Our many extraordinary initiatives will be released publicly in the months that follow as we prepare our first fully developed new product. This product will be released to the public in ways no other company of our type have done before.

Thank you,
t. Macleod Sawyer

Founder & Director (CEO) of DNX Industries